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Our interior painting services are designed to meet all your needs and provide the highest quality. Trust our expertise.

Linderpainting Cleaning and preparation
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Cleaning and preparation

You’ve handled the tough part: choosing our services and scheduling an appointment. Now we can handle it from here. Your home is important to us, so we’ll cover large items to keep them safe and clean, we’ll mask non-painted areas, and always cover floors and other surfaces. We treat your home as if it was our own,—and keeping your belongings protected and splatter-free.

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Minor and Major Repairs

Our trade professionals are capable of handling wall repairs, caulking and hole-filling. We can also take care of  trim repairs, and removing wallpaper. If necessary, we can take care of any major or minor repair services for you in a timely manner.

Linderpainting minor and major repairs
Linderpainting interior painting
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Interior Painting

You’ll love the transformation we can create in your space. At a budget you can afford, with professionals whose dedication to quality is unmatched. When it comes time to paint, we’ll use brushes, rollers or spray machines as necessary, using the best high-quality paints. We typically paint two coats, but we’ll let you know if something about your project — for example, the finish you’ve chosen — requires more than two coats.

Let´s get your project started! Use color to create magic and turn your project into reality. We´re here to help!

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