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Our Projects

The images in this section show the most representative moments of our projects. You can enlarge the image by clicking on it. We hope you enjoy these photos and give us a chance to help you create a unique proposal for your project!
Stripes make adding a bright colour to your home an easy affair, and can enhance the appeal of the accent colour in the room with effortless ease.
Rich, warm colours foster a friendly and conversational environment. This shades can wake up a small living space that needs a jolt of energy or envelop a large space to give it a cozier feel.
A cool white tone helps to create a distinctive contrast that makes your home visually appealing and modern. Rooms with lots of natural light also look stunning when painted in a cool white colour since they offset the natural warmth that comes from sunlight.
With a coating that protect the floor from staining and fading, you are ready to enjoy a perfect urban balcony.